Who Am I…

20160830_094451.jpgPsyche student, amateur photography and writing. Introverted, shy, simple, compulsively organized, neat, clean, simple and caring. I have my dark side, which lies in the abyss, where there is darkness, my favorite place to reflect and meditate. Here the discipline is tough and militant. I’m sorry to say I am intolerant and antisocial. I’m not better than anyone but the truth is that I need substance in communication; verbs, adjectives and challenges to expand and stimulate my perception, knowledge and my vision of all.

I’m not a poet nor a writer, but I like to write, read, study. I think I’m an academic, but I prefer not brag about it, although I already have. I enjoy taking pictures of nature, of old and new structures and specifically to freeze a moment in time. I keep amused organizing and cleaning possible photographical perceptual imperfections in which I captured a moment and highlight them with modern photo enhancement applications. Currently I’m studying Psychology, the self been, the why and what for. Dragons are my infatuation. I’m neurotic, good!

The shadows are where I like to live, disconnected, lost in myself, absorbed into an abyss of total darkness nor a flash of light. All in the dark is impossible, but in it the universe is born. I don’t expect my ideas and thoughts to be understood, it is my way of expressing myself, I’m not talking about anyone in particular but internal, the darkness. We are living beings walking adrift of knowing. What we are and what for we are. How do we know who we are in the truth, if at birth what we and who are where instilled in?

The bodily life is difficult because it is full of pleasure and pain, a continuous pendulum, of coming and going, never stopping to mark time accurately. Have you ever thought that you live inside a prison or a body that is not yours? I talk about the strangeness that I have the desire to leave this vessel to return to the origin of my being. (11th rev.)

Nigri Draókos
Psicofilosofía Urbana (c)1980
Copyright 1980 JoeAbbis ICP

2 comentarios sobre “Who Am I…

    ambikabhardwaj escribió:
    03/26/2017 en 3:48 PM

    A touch of madness, sire! Quite interesting 🙂

    Me gusta

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