Happiness will make you rich – BrightonSEO 2019 — Allegra Chapman

I was thrilled to be invited back to speak at BrightonSEO for the second time in September 2019, talking about the importance of happiness in the workplace. Below is the full transcript of my talk (with a few extra nuggets of information that there wasn’t time for during my slot), along with all the sources […]

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Aunque NO lo creas hablas mucho en silencio

My art for The Body Language Challenge I believe in Equal and Fundamental Rights regardless of race, creed, gender, or sexual orientation. I reject the exclusionary, backwards mentality of the new Oval Office and Republican members of Congress who seek to incite division and refuse to accept their responsibilities to their constituents. Though this isn’t my usual […]

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Opinion/ Opinión

I could like or dislike
what I see, read, hear or feel.
I could approve or disapproved
I could acknowledge or ignore
I could consent or refuse.
All according to what is within.

Life Force.
I like to meet with you
at the end of the universe,
delete all existence
and returned to nothingness.
Free from freedom.

Nigri Draókos
Psicofilosofía Urbana (c)1980
Copyright 1980 JoeAbbis ICP