El Vacio en Tí

El significado de magia se pierde en cuanto a tú hermosura se trata. Quiero borrarte y bloquearte de los seguidores, pero estoy perdido y atado al encanto o mejor dicho al embrujo de tu belleza. Entonces así iremos irreversiblemente a vivir otra vida perdidos en el universo buscando algo que no existes en la mente […]

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If Only You

Waking up next to you in the morning, and smelling your skin so fresh, is the most euphoric and supernatural experience I had ever had.  The softness, the tone, and warmth of your skin, your bright and glowing eyes, blinding my soul, not allowing me to admire your presence and essence. Your full and rounded […]

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Unnatural Love

I know you are on your way to Church, but I just wanted to tell you that you are the superb best that ever happened to me.  You are my God sent spirit and soul; you fill me with so much glorious love that is overwhelming. That’s why you see me acting like a maniac, […]

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Cuando te Veo a los Ojos

Cuando te veo a los ojos, se rompen las cadenas que me atan al abismo. Se libera mi alma para alcanzar la tuya. Quisiera decirte que te amo en tus labios provocadores. Acariciar tus bellos y expirar suavemente sobre ellos. Devorar poco a poco, cada milímetro de tu cuerpo. Sentir el animal levantarse para esgarrarte […]

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Gracias Gia.

Copyright All rights reserved by Gia Swizzle Oh, yeah, I like to leave a reply. This is why I love photography and art… It inspires me to wonder and get lost in thought… Muses, muses leading me into places forbidden… We hide our darkest side, our darkest dreams, our darkest wishes, our darkness. So we […]

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An Inch Closer

Originally posted on DoodleScribbles:
An Inch Closer no this isn’t about forever I’m not talking about love or promises nor tomorrow what I’m saying is the night is young you’re alone and so am i the wind is howling and the moon oh yes, the moon is ever so glorious so maybe— just maybe we…

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The blood pumping through my veins or the thoughts that can’t escape my brain. -What is it that makes me believe that the world around me isn’t all that it seems? I look beyond what’s plain to see and open my eyes to what could be. So many others hold their eyes closed and to…

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The Silence

The stillness screams in the agony of anticipation. Quiet creeps up your spine and chills your core. Sound can often go unheard. But silence- Silence can invade your soul.

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Intended Murder

In my hand, I’ve placed the knife that constantly stabs at my blurring conscience. Should I feel guilty for this intended murder? Or should my method be applauded? For to myself, I have surrendered.

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