Welcome to my World of the psyche.

This blog is part of my psychophilosophical therapy that allows me to keep learning and applying knowledge in this world of technology, social, and individual behaviors.  Not everything that is seen and written is real and real does not exist, but, the reality we live is created by our imagination.

I studied psychology and my passion for computer science; I research and observe individual and social behavior and how these behaviors are assimilated to the algorithms that are established to manage our computers of this century.  I am amazed at photography; I am an amateur writer when I propose it.  I am introverted, shy, simple, compulsively organized, neat, clean, simple, humble, and affectionate. Hahaha.

In my world, discipline is hard and militant.  Sorry to say I am intolerant and not sociable (he who knows me knows, and he who does not accept me, does not affect anything).  I do not believe myself better than anyone, but the truth is that I need substance in communication, verbs, adjectives, that promotes challenges to my constructs that expand and stimulate my perception, knowledge, and my vision of the whole.

As I explained, I am not a poet or writer, but I like to write, read a lot, and study.  I think I am an academic, but I prefer not to boast about it, although I have already said it, hahaha.  It entertains me to take pictures of nature, old and new structures, and very individually to freeze a moment in real-time.

I entertain myself organizing and cleaning up the possible perceptual imperfections in which a moment is captured and highlight them with modern photography applications.  I am currently a Psychotherapist, but I practice very little.  The being, the why and what for of the self, is explained in these times by a quantum cognitive disorder.  They consider me a neurotic, hahaha, and that is good; it keeps onlookers away!

I have my dark side, the one that resides in the abyss, where darkness does not exist, and the light does not permeate or disappear.  It is my favorite place to reflect, meditate, and do introspections.  Dragons are my passion, and I consider myself one; Draókos guardian of the doors of abyss to knowledge.

The shadows are the place where I like to live, apart, immersed in myself, absorbed in an abyss of total darkness that not even the flashes of light can escape.

Everything in the dark is impossible, but in it, the universe is born.  My ideas and thoughts I do not expect you to understand them, as it is my way of expressing myself, I am not addressing anyone in particular but the internal one, that of darkness.  We are living entities drifting from knowing.  What we are and what we are for.

How do we know who we are, if, at birth, we were taught what we will become and what we are for?

The life of the flesh is difficult because it is full of pleasures and pain, a continuous pendulum, which comes and goes, never stopping to mark time accurately.  Have you ever thought that you live inside a prison or a vessel that is not yours?  I speak of the strangeness that I have, the desire to leave this body to return to the origin of my being.

Psicofilosofía Urbana (c)1980
Copyright 1980 ICP (15th Rev.)

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