Where is that loving feeling

I read a post from Mitch (A Brief Interlude) that shook my soul and I identified perfectly with it. The love she has for her pup under a rock. Where have all those emotions and feelings gone? I know we still have them in us, they are part of us and will never leave us.

Was it really the dog, was it an old friend? I know who it was, but more than anything else in this existence is what it meant to us, the yearning to have those feelings and emotions back, that society has jack away from us.

Yeah, I understand, no one let others take anything away from us, but that’s a lie. I know that feeling I wanted back, but I have come to realize that I must cross the threshold to find what I am looking for.


Draókos (The Black Dragon)
Psicofilosofía Urbana es (c)1980
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