Fine line…

In all things seen and unseen, there’s a fine line in between for everything. Madness and Sanity, Love and Hate, Sensuality and Sexuality, each according to each individual’s perceptions.

Then, when much is too much? or, little too few? Is society able to establish these boundaries? Is it possible to accommodate everyone?

If the answer is no, not everyone can be accommodate, then are the rights of the ones left without say wrong? Just because a majority say so?

Take history as a metric. Let’s say 500 years ago, a person with epilepsy would be considered a mentally disabled person. How about 50 years ago. Would the color of the skin be a negative factor in human behavior? How about today, is gender any relevant to the human condition?

What about 50 years from now, would the human elderly be treated better or worse than today. Mind you that in this time there are very little and few benefits or laws that protect these population.

Then let’s examine our original hypothesis. Where do we put, cut, or establish the fine line?

Can anyone say?

Consider the war between Athenians and Spartans. Each would say that they had the answer, but did they?

No one can stop or detain evolution. Things that are meant to happen will happen and there’s nothing that humanity can do about it.

Draókos (The Black Dragon)
Psicofilosofía Urbana es (c)1980
Copyright 1980 ICP