The Island of Enchantment in Difficulties

When I left the US Air Force in 1980, I returned to Puerto Rico with enthusiasm and pride in having defended the power of expression and freedom.

35 years later, living in the island, I could not bear all the corruption I saw. The pain was great because the terroir is beautiful, but corruption is too much for my spirit.

I’m not saying I’m in a better place but I see more good than bad and that calms my soul a bit.

The sorrow that I see from afar is great, I do not know if the Merciful, pity and change the souls of the people. But if a people does not transform their hearts to mercy and compassion I will not see the longing of my heart.

I am agnostic but of Christian roots and in the word says that the times to come will be worse.

The word can not be changed only the heart. I have my little Islita del Encanto in my heart and I will never forget your beaches, mountains, paths and landscapes because she saw me being born and made of me a man with the heart of a mother.

In time we will see ourselves in Paradise, Puerto Rico.

Psicofilosofía Urbana (c)1980
Copyright 1980 JoeAbbis ICP