The world as we know it is gone

Cognitive Entanglement

Cognitive Singularity Entanglement

The world needs women to take control of what is rightfully theirs since the dawn of time.  Men let us swallow our pride (egocentrically narcissistic) and make women rule over mother earth (March, copyright 1998). The Greek word for earth is Gia (you wonder why is called mother) because a mother is the bearer of life.  History told us over, and again, that man cannot rule over themselves or Gia.  What is a mother? A mother is the giver of life and we, as men, are working with and for her.  Man’s greed is to overcome and conquer; is what has gotten us to this senseless point for what, power?

What power, we are not gods only gods have that ability, and we do not deserve to be like God.  The male species of this planet are an aberration that should not have been.  Ever since man took over leadership by force and strength, all went to shit.  Killings, killings, and more killings.  What else can go wrong or worsened since the beginning of time?  Total annihilation, genocide because of men’s greed?  God did not mean man, and meaning the one with the phallus, a penis, (for those who do not understand, dicks between our legs) in charge of anything.  Misinterpretation of scripture is so narcissistic that men believed God put “man in charge.”

God did not put a man in charge of anything; it was a metaphor of humanity.  There is nothing in scripture that shows this alleged status.  The Europeans have had queens that have ruled millions of times better than man.  Let us quit being so childish and let place women where there should have been since the beginning of time.  Let them lead, as natural leaders they are.  Men are not pons, but we are hard workers and providers, excellent cooks, architects, navigator, medical doctors, but greed or need for control, power, and destruction for an alleged better society is truly clear.

The right side of the brain deals with the mathematical, analytical, and other activities such as music, architectural design, but never was meant to organize or leadership.  Women are organized, focused and multitasking, as for men, we can only do well one thing at a time; hence women advantage of getting things carried out effectively and efficiently.  In the year 2000, in 1999 a new era for humankind began, a new century, a unique time beginning and to be reborn as a new human species.  Let us quit our megalomania and let women guide our steps and choose the right path to a righteous way for a better life as a human.

Women are the bearer of human life.  Let them guides us beyond the scope of thinking and limitations of living have the crate a new world or transformation, a new world utopia, the time has been there for a radical change in lifestyle.  As a male of the human species, this has been common knowledge for a long time and working with them has ever been a problem.  Is it going to be difficult for most men?  Sure, we were programmed to do something not meant for us; and now, we must unwind ourselves back to the original mental structures?  We know this for a long time; many men knew this but decided to follow the status quo for fear of repression and retaliation.

It is time for a real change and do whatever comes naturally to us, works and provide, heal or cure, teach, or build.  Let women lead us into a new harmonious era of living and a better quality of life.  It is overdue, by thousands of years.  In the beginning; our existence used to be matriarchal reconsidered going back to those times.  Them days mothers love was none abusive raising emotionally stable healthy human beings.  Writing an empirical thesis on this issue is nonsensical.  We know this to be undertaken truth, and history has proven it to be so.  Let us propose what is right and comply, let us lay back and give women their rightful responsibility to raise a sane and a more emotionally stable society.

Women should be encouraged to raise their innate intellectual coefficient and stop doing things for male species; women have greater talents for productivity than been servants to men wishes; women are their equal or better.  Let us rid domination and abusive behavior over the female gender.  Having stronger physical anatomy does not give us the right to mistreat the females of any society, in any part of the world.  Moreover, for that matter any human been or creature.

In the 21st century, and we are not gods.  We are as mortal as a mortal can be.  Women have been the household leaders all their lives; they know what and how to manage and organized and keep a harmonious environment for the coexistence of the family keeping it happy and running smoothly.

Most men are the best chefs, fashion designers, stylist, choreographers, constructors, architects, scientists, medical doctors and much more, but fail as leaders of nations.  Narcissist individuals that change the world; Alexander the Great, Henry the Eighth, Napoleon Bonaparte, Adolph Hitler, Caesar, Nero, Ganges Kan, Constantine, and new ones most commonly know, I will leave it to your imagination, and is not the way to govern or manage a world in which we live in.  Let spread these words all over the world seventy times-fold.  Translate these words into the native language.

These words should cover the globe in their respective native languages in their respective modes of communications.  Electronically, by the written word, by word of mouth (without changing its essence).  Let us unite and attempt against all world organizations that use human trafficking (mainly females and children) for their sick, personal and emotional gain.  — These people were damaged at the time of their innocent infancy and our childhood, I am not justifying their acts but social psychology and psychology what an unhealthy environment can do to individuals susceptible to these types of behaviors.

Find it within yourselves to help change society to a new generation as the hippies did in the sixties.  Since acquired knowledge, instead to work with and for a woman than an egocentric man.  Honestly, it will not have anything to do with identity issues; I adore the feminine gender.  I know that they lead the way much better than us.  I have seen it and lived it.  Open your eyes and find the truth is right in front of you.  Is implicit that there cannot be abusive behavior or lack of respect for one another on both sides of the balance.  No matter what gender you consider, yourself to be.

The connection is essential for keeping equilibrium.  All past laws, rules, regulations, ordinances that strangle society must stop, and only women evaluate these rules, with the help of men.  Just do away with that which does not apply anymore in a contemporary technological system.  Bring in a new better way of living in peace and harmony.  I am certain that if women were the lead, most common issues like homelessness, lack of sustenance, decent living quarters and amenities would be at the reach of every human being in the world if we let women lead.

In conclusion, there is an old American saying, a bit vulgar, but apply.  KISS keeps it simple…

I conclude with an old American saying, a bit vulgar, but applies, KISS, keep it simple… References March, J. R. (Copyright 1998). Cassell Dictionary of Classical Mythology XX-00691 — Entry on Gaia. (U. 4. 698, Ed.) United Kingdom: Cassell and Co. in the UK. doi: ISBN: 0-304-34626-8.

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