Unnatural Love

0eb42f12-fd17-4229-92d0-81ef49f963f9.jpgI know you are on your way to Church, but I just wanted to tell you that you are the superb best that ever happened to me.  You are my God sent spirit and soul; you fill me with so much glorious love that is overwhelming.

That’s why you see me acting like a maniac, neurotic, uncontrollable and untrusting because you are out of this world.  In all the years that I have walked this earth I have never been reciprocated in the way you have loved me, and I mean, I have never seen an expression of love like the one you have shown me.

I know this is crazy to me and that’s why I keep on questioning myself if this could be real.  Mate my Glorious Love; there is nor or ever have been another woman in this world that could love the way you do.  You do me such honor, delightful rapture, that engulfs me in pure ecstasy.

The words in my heart cannot explain how much delight you bring into my soul.  All I see is the purest of all the woman characters of the Bible, even Mary who brought Jesus into this world.

I see you like this white engulfing fire that never burns, so dazzling that it can’t be gaze at because of its magnificent beauty and charm.  I ask myself?  Do I deserve such Glory from the Creator?  Can I be so deserving of this merit, of this extraordinary bequest?

An articulate, intelligent, understanding companion, good conversationalist, beautiful, well educated, elegant, sophisticated, with an excellent diction and physical attributes that I always looked for in a woman, but I never found her in all the places to which they directed me.  Many considered my expectation of living in a fantasy realm.

However, here she is right in front of me filling with all the attributes that I always dreamed off.  Is it real?  You say, it.  Then, I can’t wait to be with you the eternal rest of my life.  You inspired me this morning as a writer or poet, but as a human being, that is feeling in the flesh, you bestowed the eternal burning fire on me.

Mate, I will protect you from any harms way that comes to you or our family.  You are that white fire that potentiates me to do what I have to do.

Psicofilosofía Urbana (c)1980
Copyright 1980 ICP