Am I sane?

Cognitive Quantum Entanglement

Quantum Entanglement

Depression, anxiety, compulsiveness, rage, destructiveness, auto sabotage, these are all symptoms of the after-effects of military training only.  Either the VA or those who help veterans don’t want to help, is way too much work, is overwhelming work, I understand.  Some don’t care because of the system others because of the money and meantime lies and more lies.  Thank you for your service.  The first time I heard that it moved me emotionally.  “Thank you for your service” what the hell does that mean?  It seems, perception, that is a polite way to say “Thank you for good by.”  I guess I feel for all those Vets who suffered the effects of war or combat — been shot at, yell at, intimidated, scorn, obliged to take a bullet or a mine.  For alleged protection of a way of thinking of justice and liberty for ALL.  Really for ALL?

Then I ask myself why there is still so much judgment against others because of Nationality of Color of their skin?  Jesus Christ this is all a fake, pure and simple hypocrisy of the people in power putting a show for others to applaud and adore.  Yeah, there is the rage in my words, I am not asleep like many, including government workers.  If you considered a Public servant, does anyone knows what it means?  Is like the new generations of medical doctors, I am not generalizing in all aspects, they are not doctors because of a vocation towards the human race, they are there for personal interest, nothing to do with human health and quality of living.

The pharmaceuticals push on these professionals if you will, drugs that can KILL, and they will give them to their patients.  I don’t remember now the exact name of the Star Trek movie “The Final Frontier” Mr. Spok gets into the engine reactor room to engage some device manually to save the crew of the Enterprise from certain death.  Leonard Nemo in his speech said to captain Kirk something that for many years I did not really think about it until these past few days, and in my opinion (moreover, I just saw it last night in Sense 8), he said: “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the FEW of the ONE.”  My God that is the most stupid thing I ever realized until now, so what he said that life is worth SHAT.

So if the pharmaceutical thru a professional medical doctor, gave you a prill, it might be your wife, daughter, granddaughter, or a very endearing person to you and that person or individual dies, is OKAY?  REALLY?

So what the hell.  Why doesn’t the government instill the draft again?  Make every person aged between 18 and 23.  Oh yeah, they want you young because they can twist your mind around using a technique developed by a Psychology Theorist Pavlov, that will destroy your life forever and never been the emotionally healthy person again because you will always think of about killing the enemy.  I ask what enemy?  Who is my enemy?  In the movie the Last Samuray, extraordinary movie, there is a scene where one of the protagonists says to Tom Cruise, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

So from what perspective are, we have seen, the enemy.  So an infant would be my enemy, a daughter, a mother a granddaughter, a son, father., uncle, and so forth.  So if I am different from you, I am your enemy, because I have different values?  How does that work? I don’t get it.

So I am a crazy veteran trying to claim something benefits that don’t exist at the Veterans Affairs Office because they are offers to individuals who served in combat and or where atrophied by a traumatic event during their active military duty.  They claim Veterans have benefits, they don’t say some Veterans have benefits, so there is a vagueness in the assumption that all Veterans have benefits because they serve in active duty and they deserve them, this is a false statement.  Young individuals are deceived to get veterans affected by Pavlov training something they did not earn because all humans, ALL HUMANS are indispensable.   So why do we have jails and alleged killers in them, people natural tendency is not to kill one another, unless genetically or quantum cognitively are predisposed to do so?

However, if you are cage like a rat, like many societies do to their people, snap out and kill others, then they have an unacceptable bad behavior.  That’s is me.  Because I think this way, I have become a menace to world order and unstable the control that governments have over their constituents.

Psicofilosofía Urbana (c)1980
Copyright Draókos ICP (1rst. rev.)

Quantum Cognitive Entanglement


Cognitive quantum entanglement. Know what it is? How do you explain it?

The best way to explain it is through Netflix Sense 8.
Call me however you want, our cognitive constructs go beyond any Science or Faith institutionalized by humanity or scientific community.
The individual chooses to ignore the truth, even if it hits him in the face.


Singularidad cuántica cognitiva. ¿Sabes lo que es? ¿Como lo explicas?

La mejor manera de explicarlo es mediante Netflix Sense 8.
Llámame como quieras, nuestros constructos cognitivos van más allá de cualquier Ciencia o Fe institucionalizada por la humanidad o comunidad científica.
El individuo elegir ignorar la verdad, incluso si le golpea en la cara.

Psicofilosofía Urbana (c)1980
Copyright ICP

Revised (02.28.2019)

Unnatural Love

0eb42f12-fd17-4229-92d0-81ef49f963f9.jpgI know you are on your way to Church, but I just wanted to tell you that you are the superb best that ever happened to me.  You are my God sent spirit and soul; you fill me with so much glorious love that is overwhelming.

That’s why you see me acting like a maniac, neurotic, uncontrollable and untrusting because you are out of this world.  In all the years that I have walked this earth I have never been reciprocated in the way you have loved me, and I mean, I have never seen an expression of love like the one you have shown me.

I know this is crazy to me and that’s why I keep on questioning myself if this could be real.  Mate my Glorious Love; there is nor or ever have been another woman in this world that could love the way you do.  You do me such honor, delightful rapture, that engulfs me in pure ecstasy.

The words in my heart cannot explain how much delight you bring into my soul.  All I see is the purest of all the woman characters of the Bible, even Mary who brought Jesus into this world.

I see you like this white engulfing fire that never burns, so dazzling that it can’t be gaze at because of its magnificent beauty and charm.  I ask myself?  Do I deserve such Glory from the Creator?  Can I be so deserving of this merit, of this extraordinary bequest?

An articulate, intelligent, understanding companion, good conversationalist, beautiful, well educated, elegant, sophisticated, with an excellent diction and physical attributes that I always looked for in a woman, but I never found her in all the places to which they directed me.  Many considered my expectation of living in a fantasy realm.

However, here she is right in front of me filling with all the attributes that I always dreamed off.  Is it real?  You say, it.  Then, I can’t wait to be with you the eternal rest of my life.  You inspired me this morning as a writer or poet, but as a human being, that is feeling in the flesh, you bestowed the eternal burning fire on me.

Mate, I will protect you from any harms way that comes to you or our family.  You are that white fire that potentiates me to do what I have to do.

Psicofilosofía Urbana (c)1980
Copyright 1980 ICP

Dear Man


Did you know that when you enter a woman womb, in reality, you are inside another human being, that you become one with her?

Do you ever realize how sacred that is?  That this is as close to unity as you will ever experience, and that she has that gift for you.  Whence you go back into the womb you are born again that you can plant the seeds of creation in her too.  That when you leave her, she feels the separation as you physically withdraw and leave her empty.

That being allowed to enter, is a gift, an honor, something sacred, and that it is your job to know, respect and honor this.

That her heart and her sex are yoked, and when you want to enter her sex, you also enter her heart.  She feels everything when you enter since all your energy is existence acknowledged within her.

So, you have the responsibility to enter with the transparency of intentions, since she will feel all the ways you could use it to avoid feeling her pain or emotions.

You have to be aware of why you are entering it, and what you are filling it.  That sex is the cosmic union of feminine and masculine energy, a sacred meeting of polarities, and it has nothing to do with reaching orgasm, if it will last long enough, size, another number for your collection or your value.

To open up to a woman is to go deep, but not go deep inside her, it is to go deep inside of you, to know yourself. The deeper you can enter you, the deeper you can enter a woman.

Zoe Johansen

Querido Hombre


¿Sabes que cuando entras en una mujer, en realidad estás dentro de otro ser humano, estás dentro de ella? 

¿Alguna vez te has dado cuenta de lo sagrado que es esto?

Que esto es lo más cercano a la unidad que alguna vez vas a experimentar, y que ella tiene ese regalo para ti. 

Que puedes volver al útero y al punto de la creación. Que puedes plantar las semillas de la creación también. 

Que cuando la dejas, ella siente la separación mientras te retiras físicamente y la dejas vacía. 

Que ser permitido entrar dentro de ella es un regalo, un honor, algo sagrado, y que es tu trabajo saber, respetar y honrar esto. 

Que su corazón está conectado a su sexo, y que cuando quieres entrar en su sexo, también entras en su corazón. 

Que ella siente todo cuando entras en ella, ya que toda tu energía está siendo acogida dentro de ella. 

Así que, tienes la responsabilidad de entrar con transparencia de intenciones, ya que ella sentirá todas las formas en que podrías usarlo para evitar sentir su propio dolor o emociones. 

Tienes que ser consciente de por qué estás entrando en ella, y con lo que la estás llenando. 

Ese sexo es la unión cósmica de la energía femenina y masculina, una reunión sagrada de polaridades, y no tiene nada que ver con llegar al orgasmo, si durará lo suficiente, el tamaño, otro número para tu colección o tu valor. 

Abrirte realmente a una mujer se trata de ir profundo, pero no ir profundamente dentro de ella, es ir profundamente dentro de ti, conocerte a ti mismo. Cuanto más profundo eres capaz de entrar en ti, más profundo puedes entrar en una mujer. 

Zoe Johansen