Gracias Gia.

Oh, yeah, I like to leave a reply. This is why I love photography and art… It inspires me to wonder and get lost in thought… Muses, muses leading me into places forbidden…

We hide our darkest side,
our darkest dreams,
our darkest wishes,
our darkness.

So we ask,
What is dark,
what is white,
what is good,
what is bad.

Everything has been established by man
from within it came.
All is what it is, nor good or bad.
Is it hard to understand?
is it hard to realize, this is
what makes us who we are.

Are we human beings?
are we more than we are taught to believe.

We are more, more than what a mind can conceive.
It is what it is.

Nigri Draókos
Psicofilosofía Urbana (c)1980
Copyright 1980 JoeAbbis ICP

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