Samsung ATIV & (SL)

71vchgijnml-_sl1264_As of end of november 2016, I rejoined SL to try and build myself in this environment. I have been trying to battle with my ATIV One 7 Curved DP700A7K all in one computer, trying to work in Second Life virtual reality, beginning with teleporting and your avatar is a mush. Secondly waiting for minutes for the prims to be legible so that one could roam around without bumping into something or someone that is not visible due to the amount of time it takes to appear. To me 15 secs, is an eternity so imagine my frustration without accomplishing anything.

Today I when ahead and bought hair mesh from CATWA FLEXI Ben [5] and NEW !!! [GA.EG] Damon Bento Mesh Head.nigri-draokos-evolution-012017

Even though my avatar is nice, is not what I want in my virtual world. Like I said in my blog I’m Nigri Draókos and want to represent as much of this character as possible.

I think that my computer has something to do with it and now I’m looking for a graphics card that produces the desired results. With the CATWA hair and the GA Bento head at least will try to adjust my appearance to resemble mine as much as possible.

I like to find a quiet sandbox place where I can experiment and change my avatar. So, if you have any Ideas let me know this type of knowledge is hard to come by especially from reputable sources. I already made a mistake that cost me L$850.00 for land that cannot be bought, so I have a nice beach hut and no place to put it unless I become a prime member or rent space. I don’t know how much time I’ll spend here (SL) to incurred in such an investment, even if I get some of my L$ back.

There are lots of nice places but is hard to know if its private property or if one must become a member or pay a membership for all kinds of stuff very questionable. Also, there is (maybe) some security issues that I must be more aware too. In a conversation, someone mention something about dropping a script (???), I don’t know if it was into an avatar or something else but it got me very much paranoid. Sometimes I wish I could use my native language (español) but I found that even in these places this type of stuff occurs.

Well at least I got it off my chest, I’ll keep on trying, have a wonderful weekend.

Nigri Draókos
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