Liberty, Is there such thing…


To those who defend real liberty and justice for all.  I’m a veteran and proud of it.  Violence is never an option unless, you’re trapped in a situation where the life of your loved ones is compromised.

Every protector has a family, he or she were not born out of the thin air. So to protect and defend our family sums up into defend a nation. The use of this concept was intended to protect and defend our homes (Constitution), but we never got past the dark ages and we fight for the big interes, all Nations do, and we resolve to violence to allegedly defend.

As a human species we are drawn to violence because we hate to share. Hence if you don’t share; violence, robbery, killings are the tools of those who don’t have the means to care first for themselves or for their families.

What is the real basis of violence if it is not studied profoundly.  I believe that we all know the reason for it,  each and every human in the world claims to have the truths,  then what is the truth. Later for that.

I was born and raised in two different cultures mi primary Puertorican then American. As part of a commonwealth of the US, we are part of the Defense of this Nation, hence I entered a conduct conditions system that cannot be reverse, soldiers can live with it for the rest of their life, carrying a burden not understood by those who are protected and defended from aggressors (enemies).

I’m not justifying violence I’m stating the as veterans of war, we are just another hand tool to use however we are needed, and left to our own devices (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). I’m sure that the world is not looking to fight anymore because of the traumatic grief that brings to the families.

We all love our families in some way or another, we love to care and share in case of disaster and catastrophes.

Just saying…

Nigri Draókos
Psicofilosofía Urbana (c)1980
Copyright 1980 JoeAbbis ICP